Almost 14 years as commercial vehicle specialization, PT. Remaja Putra Engineering always produce the right product, quality, and good after sales service. With reliable and experienced Human Resources support, our products have been used by many companies and are widely distributed from within the city to outer islands throughout Indonesia, for both private companies and government projects.  

No wonder that’s why PT. Remaja Putra Engineering  is one of the largest car body companies in Indonesia. The products that have been produced until now day: Flat Deck, Fixed Set, Iron Side Tube, Fuel Tank, Water Tank, Oil Tank, Hi-Blow Tank, Iron Box , Trailer Train, Train Template (Trailer), Garbage Container, Self Loader, until the shape of the car box according to customer needs.

Not only products like the example above, PT. Remaja Putra Engineering always innovate and develop variation & quality of its products. Where for the next production targets are: Wings Box, Concrete Mixer, Boiler Tank, Batching Plant, and Fire Fighter (PMK Car). Consumer trust and loyalty are top priorities by PT. Remaja Putra Engineering, therefore every support and feedback from every consumer is a very important for our progress ahead