PT. Remaja Putra Engineering is a commercial vehicle body company established in 2003 located on Jl. Raya Sidorejo No.78 Krian РSidoarjo. Initially, PT. Remaja Putra Engineering produces Iron & Dump Truck for medium truck type vehicles, but as the era progresses and the demand for commercial vehicle modification, PT.Remaja Putra Engineering continues to innovate and develop variety & quality of its products.

Until now, the products that have been produced are: Flat Deck, Fixed Set, Drop Side, Fuel Tank, Water Tank, Oil Tank, Hi-Blow Tank, Iron Box, Trailer, Trash Container, Self Loader, to shape the body of the caroseri according to customer needs ..

Supported by reliable & experienced Human Resources, PT.Remaja Putra Engineering has been widespread from within the city to outer islands throughout Indonesia, both for private companies and government projects.

PT. Remaja Putra Engineering is committed to always improve the quality of the company from all aspects, both in terms of products, services, and HR owned for customer satisfaction.