Paint Protector with a six-stage work system is the latest invention that can protect your pride’s paint from Ultra Violet rays, or sticking dust and dirt along the path you pass.

As is known, on the surface of the paint there are millions of pores that are ready to accommodate dust and dirt that make car paint to look pale and cloudy.

Unlike other paint protectors that can scratch paint, the implementation of the Six system can not be done alone, it requires experienced experts with adequate equipment and use of selected materials with quality products from Sweden.

Why System Six?

  • System Six is ​​more than just plain polish
  • Imported materials manufactured by reputable factories, used almost throughout the world
  • Protect the paint of the vehicle, not easy to fade
  • Gives a more perfect and long lasting glow
  • System Six crystal sealent seal it makes paint colors more brilliant
  • Covering Pores that allow to deposit dust and dirt
  • Prevent water flowers left behind after washing, as well as easy maintenance